Body Composition Analysis and its Importance

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By Kavya DS

What is Body Composition Analysis?

Body composition analysis involves a series of tests to measure the ratio of different tissues that our bodies are currently made up of. These tests can be an eye-opening experience because they reveal the following: the ratio of fat to lean muscle tissue., the percentage of water in the body, the metabolic rate (BMR) and BMI.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis is a method of assessing your “body composition”—the measurement of body fat in relation to lean body mass. It is an integral part of a health and nutrition assessment. Research has shown that body composition is directly related to health. A normal balance of body fat is associated with good health and longevity. Excess fat in relation to lean body mass, known as altered body composition, can greatly increase your risks to obesity, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and more.

Importance of Body Composition Analysis in daily life:

Body composition Analysis fosters early detection of an improper balance in your body composition, which allows for earlier intervention and prevention. It provides a measurement of fluid and body mass that can be a critical assessment tool for your current state of health. It also measures your progress as you improve your health. Improving your BCA measurement, or maintaining a healthy BCA measurement, can help keep your body functioning properly for healthy aging. Your BCA results can help guide us in creating a personalized dietary plan, including nutritional supplements when appropriate, and exercise to help you maintain optimal health and wellbeing for a lifetime.

Body composition is an essential measure of health and fitness for both athletes and the general population. If you are considering a weight loss program, accurately assessing your body fat percentage is the most important measurement you can take. In fact, even if you wanted to gain weight simply measuring your body mass is not enough.

Why is it important to check your Body composition regularly?

And managing your body fat, not just your weight, has so many benefits, Whether you're on a weight management program, or an athlete, or just determined to take care of your health and well being. Calculating and controlling your body fat percentage will be at the very heart of your success. Calculating your body fat percentage before, during and after is the most important measurement you can take. The point to remember weighing scales will not show any of these changes,measuring your body fat percentage will. Measure it and you can manage it. If you notice you are losing considerable lean tissue mass as well as fat, you can take appropriate steps to adjust your program.

Factors that can lead to unhealthy body composition

Here are some of the most important factors that can lead to altered body composition:

  • Lack of exercise and physical activity
  • Eating large portion sizes and overeating in general
  • High-fat, high-sugar diet
  • Lack of whole foods in the diet such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes
  • Excessive alcohol intake

Benefits of having a healthy body composition

By reducing your overall amount of body fat, you can improve your body composition and overall quality of life, as well as extend your lifespan.

Here are just some of the benefits of having a healthy body composition:

  • Normal blood pressure level
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Improved mood and self-confidence
  • Increased energy and endurance throughout the day
  • Reduced pain in joints, hips, and lower back
  • Improved blood circulation — leading to lower risk for heart disease
  • Higher fertility rates and lower risk for pregnancy-related complications
  • Improved breathing, respiration, and lung function
  • Improved glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity

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