Detox - Hoax or Healing?

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All of us have quite often come across detox diets which claim to reduce/eliminate toxins from our body.

To understand what detoxification is and how it works, we need to first understand what toxins are.

Any substance that causes irritation/harmful effects on the body. Toxins can be produced externally or internally. Externally, we are exposed to a lot of chemicals through pollutants in the air, or ingest them through food or drugs. Internally, basic functions of the body produce toxins in the form of free radicals as by-products of any function. There is a need to eliminate these toxins in order to let our body function efficiently. These toxins if not eliminated from time to time can lead to various other health issues like gastro-intestinal disorders, bad breath, lifestyle disorders like altered cholesterol levels, Diabetes, PCOS, Skin related disorders, etc.

Coming to what exactly detoxification is, It is not actually a diet. It is a process. It is process where you eliminate certain foods and substances in order to understand how our bodies respond. Eliminating food substances that increase the toxin levels in our body help our body recover and heal and to also understand if you feel better after eliminating these substances.

Detoxification is also an important component in treating obesity. Many of the toxins we ingest or make are stored in the fatty tissues, hence, obesity is almost always associated with detoxification. When we lose weight we lose our body fat and thereby the toxic load.

The most common method of detoxification is the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables which have a very high nutrient. This kind of a diets keeps the fibre and water intake of the individual always up. A raw food diet is favoured by most people as it keeps the energy levels high. It utilizes sprouted greens from seeds, grains, fresh fruits, nuts etc.

If done the right way, detoxification does help in giving your body the rest that it needs by cleansing it and improving the efficiency of the gastrointestinal tract. It makes you feel energetic and helps in better nutrient absorption.

Detoxification is something that can be done once in a 2 months to cleanse your system and give it a fresh start!

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