Does Diet Diary Really Help?

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What is a Diet diary?

It is a record of every food and drink that has been consumed throughout the day. This is a good way of keeping track of what you eat.

It is a Self Monitoring tool which helps you be more aware of what you are consuming throughout the day and will help you make positive changes in your diet. A few benefits of maintaining a food journal are:

Weight Loss - A Retrospective Analysis of your diet can help identify unhealthy eating habits that might be hindering your weight loss. Maintaining a food diary will help you say no extra calories that may be stunting your weight loss.

Detecting food intolerances and allergies -Food diaries can also help determine if you have a severe reaction to certain foods. In some cases, reactions to different foods can happen hours after the food has been consumed. Writing down what you eat and how you feel afterwards can help you realize what foods your body reacts negatively towards.For Example, If you feel bloated and nauseous after eating eggs, dairy, or gluten, then you may be intolerant to these foods.

Portion Control - It is very common that sometimes, you may be eating more of foods which you are supposed to eat in moderation. Having a fair knowledge about portion control before you start with your entries in the food diary will help you keep a check as to where you might be crossing the portion size of the type of food that you need to be consuming.

Better Nutrition - Maintaining a food diary helps you identify the foods that you might not be including in your diet because of which you might be falling short of essential nutrients thereby putting you at a risk of deficiencies of that particular nutrients. You can make the necessary changes and make sure you include the necessary food items in order to make your diet a balanced one.

Identifying triggers to Unhealthy Eating - If you feel that your eating habits are not right and you would want to know why and where you might be going wrong, tracking your meals is the best way to understand your eating behaviour. It is helpful in detecting eating disorders and hence makes it easy to identify what triggers a particular eating habit and how it can be changed for the better.

Apart from helping and individual to improve their over all nutrition and eating habits, A food diary will also help when a nutritionist wants to monitor and understand the eating habits of clients and help them improve their lifestyle.

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