Soups! - The all time comfort food

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Soup is that one dish that you can consume as an appetizer, main dish or a snack between your meals. It can also be made nutritious by adding the right kind of ingredients to it.

The main advantage of soup is that it whatever you add to the soup, the nutrients stay in the soup it self. For example, if you are adding beans, lentils, veggies, they all get cooked in the soup and the nutrients stay in the soup.

If had 15 minutes before your meal, It gives makes you feel full for a longer time thus helping you keep a tab on your calorie consumption.

Its can be made from almost everything. All veggies, pulses, cereals. The more the variety, the more nutritious it is. If you hate veggies, This is the best way to have them as they can be pureed and added to the soup.

It can be cooked and frozen and consumed when needed hence making it an easy snack or a one dish meal if you are running out of time.

It makes for a wonderfully healthy meal option if you avoid cream based soups and go for soups with lean meats, beans, lentils, other pulses and veggies.

Apart from veggies and cereals, Bone broths are also very nutrient rich. Bone broths are made by simmering various parts of animals that are normally discarded(their bones, marrow, skin, feet, scales, tendons and ligaments) for a long time. Simmering/sow cooking allows the ligaments, bones etc to release nutrients such as collagen, amino acids, anti-oxidants, calcium and potassium. As it is made from animal foods, the nutrients are highly bio available, i.e, most of the nutrients are completely and easily absorbed by the body.

It has benefits such as improving digestion. Conditions such as leaky gut syndrome can cause inflammation in the gut lining. Since bone broth has collagen, it helps reduce the inflammation. Components of bone broth can also help in growth of gut bacteria with aid in digestion.

It is also known to be extremely good for skin as collagen is present in abundance. Collagen helps build elastins that in turn help in improving skin texture, tone and appearance. It also helps in reducing various signs of ageing.

Bone broth is also known to be helpful in reducing joint pains. Bone broth contains compounds like glucosamine, chondroitin and sulphate that help reduce inflammation of the joints when consumed together. Gelatin is also present in bone broth which helps for and maintain strong bones.

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