Zealth - Whey Protein Concentrate | 80% Protein | Unflavoured - 1Kg

  • Rs. 999.00
  • Save Rs. 1,500

Treadmill for an hour, followed by skipping and a quick session of HIIT yet your calves don’t look the way they should; your abs are still under that cushion of unwanted fat and your arms wiggle everytime you wave your cheat days good bye? Whey protein might be the answer to all your (bench)pressing issues! Whey protein prevents the loss of lean muscle and accelerates the loss of body fat while improving the overall body composition. The 9 essentials amino acids present in Whey protein make up the major structural component of the body, especially muscle! Unlike bland diets, Zealth offers both unflavoured and chocolate flavoured variations to add taste to your otherwise numb taste buds.

  • Muscle building: Ideal for the wear and tear of the body following rigorous workout regimes and strength training.
  • Unprocessed clean source of protein: Accelerates the loss of body fat by inducing muscle building while improving the overall body composition.
  • Free of artificial sweeteners and sugars.
  • High protein content: 80% non- GMO and gluten-free protein content.