Zealth - Extra Virgin Coconut Oil | Cold Pressed | Raw

  • Rs. 314.00

Virgin coconut oil has a unique combination of fatty acids which makes it healthy for your skin, hair, and various other health benefits. This natural oil moisturises your skin better than other artificial moisturisers. Virgin coconut oil has fatty acids that are used by our body for energy production and only a little bit is stored in body as fat. Apply it on your hair for stronger and cleaner hair. Include Zealth Virgin Coconut Oil in your life for a better skin hair and various other health benefits
  • Good for skin: Best natural moisturizer, also cleanses and removes dead skin cells. It can strengthen tissues underneath the skin. Regular massaging can help reduce dry skin problems.
  • Stronger hair: Its helps to strengthen roots of your hair. Regular application on scalp moisturises your hair and cleanses your scalp.
  • Healthy digestive system: Proper amounts of virgin coconut oil can help improve digestion.
  • Disclaimer : Pure Virgin Coconut Oil turns turbid at low temperature