Zealth - Crunchy Peanut Butter | Unsweetened | Natural | Non GMO | Vegan | Gluten Free

  • Rs. 379.05

If you belong to the lucky half of the population which is not allergic to peanuts, Zealth’s all natural peanut butter is the best friend you are looking for! Craving for dessert or just want to binge watch, regular gym rat looking for a cheat meal or bored of salad and want a break from sprouts, Zealth’s all crunchy peanut butter offers the perfect solution with zero trans fat and no artificial flavours.
  • Essential for growth: Because the growth and maintenance of your body is highly protein dependent.
  • Perfect for the long run: Provides four calories per gram to help athletes and runners ace their marathons.
  • For the weight watchers: Low-carb, high-protein makes it ideal for dieters!
  • Perfect for unhealthy cravings: Use it as a spread or dig into the jar with your fingers!