Zealth - Muesli | High Protein | Gluten Free

  • Rs. 311.00

Zealth Very Berry Muesli is a mix of fibre-rich Australian Rolled Oats, delectable blueberries and nutritious pistachios. It has lesser sugar and calories than other regular breakfast. It can be mixed with various items for different purposes. Mix it with milk or yogurt to make it rich in calcium to add strength to your bones. It contains blueberries that are rich in anthocyanins and various other nutrients. Anthocyanins help reduce chances of obesity, diabetes and heart diseases. High protein content from both dairy and non dairy products like oats, nuts and seeds. You can soak it overnight before consuming, so that nutrient absorption becomes more efficient. Zealth Very Berry Muesli with its high protein, iron and micro-mineral content, makes for a good start to your day.


  • Healthier breakfast: Muesli has lesser sugar and fewer calories than normal breakfast cereals.
  • High Fibre: It is rich in fibre that improves your digestive system and regulate your digestive tract.
  • Aids weight loss: High fibre content keeps you fuller for longer duration making you eat less.
  • Heart-healthy: Muesli contains oat bran that is rich in beta glucan.
  • Stronger bones: It contains blueberries, that are rich in calcium, magnesium and various other nutrients. Calcium and magnesium help to maintain strength and elasticity of bones