Zealth Steel Cut Oats - Gluten Free | Breakfast Cereal

  • Rs. 189.00

Although Steel cut oats and rolled oats are same when it comes to nutritional values, steel cut oats beat rolled oats in their fibre content and density. They are naturally gluten free making it ideal for people looking for a gluten free diet. Their low glycemic index helps prevent spikes in blood sugar level. They are rich in dietary fibre that helps improve bowel movements and maintain a healthy digestive system. Rich in beta glucan, they help lower blood cholesterol levels. Their low glycemic index provide sustained energy due to slower release of glucose into blood stream. Since steel cut oats are minimally processed and because they contain more fibre than their counterparts they are one of the healthy breakfasts that you can include in your diet.
  • High Fibre : They are rich in soluble and insoluble fibre, that helps in maintaining good bowel movements and a healthy digestive system.
  • Low Glycemic Index : Steel cut oats have a low glycemic index that causes a slow release of carbohydrates. Thus reducing spikes in blood sugar levels after a meal.
  • Naturally Gluten Free : Steel cut oats do not naturally contain gluten. Making them a great option for individuals looking for a gluten free diet.
  • Aids Weight Loss : They are rich in protein and insoluble fibre that can keep you fuller for longer hours, making you eat less.